Youssef marzouk thesis

Nguyen 21. In particular, we consider two frameworks to achieve this goal:

Youssef marzouk thesis

Sponsors Alumni Paul Abel - was an undergraduate researcher in the Green Group working in the laser lab. Andrew Adamczyk - worked as a postdoc in the Green Group co-advised by Profs. Paul Barton and Youssef Marzouk from He now works for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

He is a founder of Solvuu, a software company for genomics. She received her PhD. She is now a professor at IIT Madras. Wim Klopper, working on explicitly-correlated methodologies R12, F Green on computing reaction rate coefficients.

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He is now a technology leader at a small company in the Dallas area. He now works for ExxonMobil in New Jersey. He now works for Baker Hughes. Directly afterward he took on additional coursework in business and management for a dual degree, which he received in June, John works for ExxonMobil in Texas.

Rob recently returned to Cambridge, MA, where he keeps tabs on research opportunities for Samsung. She was a sabbatical visitor at MIT during the academic year. She lived and worked in China for several years, but is now back in the Bay Area working for Amyris.

He now works for Dow Chemical. He now works for Adenia Partners. John Brown - Former undergraduate student who worked on graphical user interfaces for the RMG website.

He was working on introducing nitrogen chemistry to RMG and studying the calculation of thermochemistry using quantum chemistry, focussing on explicitly correlated methodologies F Buras was a graduate student in the Green group who specialized in experimental kinetic measurements.

He is now a postdoc Sandia National Laboratories. He worked at Aerodyne Research for some time before returning to his home, Australia, at the end ofwhere he works for Seven Miles Coffee Roasters.

He is married to Green Group alumna Yuko Kida. Anthony Concepcion - a former undergraduate researcher in the Green Group working on supercritical water desulfurization. He graduated from MIT in June He is currently a process engineer at Valero Energy.

He moved to the Bay Area, and works for Monolith Materials. Brian worked on the development of more accurate density functionals. As a postdoc at MIT he did quantum calculations on the thermochemistry of alloys and surface adsorbed species relevant to capture of CO2 and Hg emissions.

Youssef marzouk thesis

He worked at an industrial lab in India and then at Argonne National Laboratory. He now works for Johnson Matthey near Philadelphia. She is now working at the Environmental Protection Agency.

For several years he was a consultant, then a director for Siemens.Chen Gu, Youssef M Marzouk, M Nafi Toksöz; Waveform-based Bayesian full moment tensor inversion and uncertainty determination for the induced seismicity in an oil/gas field, PhD thesis Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Li. J., Sadi Kuleli. H., Zhang. H., Nafi Toksöz. The Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) PhD program allows students to specialize at the doctoral level in a computation-related field of their choice .

The MIT Portugal Program is an international collaboration seeking to demonstrate that an investment in science, technology and higher education can have a positive, lasting impact on the economy by addressing key societal issues through quality education and research in the emerging field of engineering systems.

Prof. Youssef Marzouk, MIT, AeroAstro Copies of the thesis may be obtained from the EAPS Education Office (). All interested faculty, staff and students are .

The optimal selection of experimental conditions is essential to maximizing the value of data for inference and prediction, particularly in situations where experiments are time-consuming and expensive to .

Youssef Marzouk Youssef is the Class of Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. He received his SB (), SM (), and PhD () degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT.

Thesis Defense - Chen Gu (EAPS) | MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences