Narrative of the life of frederick douglass thesis

Although Frederick Douglass understands that the only path to freedom, both for himself and fellow slaves, is through learning to read, write, and have an educational base to build on, he is at the same time disgusted with education because it causes him to understand the full extent of the horrors of slavery.

Narrative of the life of frederick douglass thesis

When writing a thesis, you are making an argument about "how and why" Douglass was a successful abolitionist. The "what, when and where" are important but are background facts; the setting of your thesis - the intro you've written already.

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Your thesis needs to be more direct and specific. This is well crafted and descriptive of who Douglass was, but it seems more like an introductory paragraph for an encyclopedia entry than a thesis.

Narrative of the life of frederick douglass thesis

So, the question following this introduction would be the "why and how" Douglass carried out his activism. For example, if you talk about his public speaking and writing, pick out a theme from these; and how he utilized this theme to get his message across.

You might follow this intro with a focus on education and literacy, which he believed would be the liberating factor. This could be a thesis on Douglass' correlation with freedom including freedom of thought and literacy. Douglass achieved success in his activism by stressing the role of education and literacy in overcoming oppression.Frederick Douglass Narrative - After reading Frederick Douglass’s narrative of slavery, I couldn’t help but stop and try to gather my thoughts in any way possible.

Frederick Douglass wrote his autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in The narrative would fall under the genre of escape from captivity. He rose from slavery to become one of the prominent voices of the nineteenth century campaigning for the equal treatment of black people.

Dec 30,  · During his life he wrote three autobiographies, the first, entitled Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, is a graphic description of his early life as a slave, and his struggle to be free.


 A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass During the time before the novel was written, slavery went untold. Slavery was a cruel practice that consisted of forced, harsh, unpaid labor and cruel whippings.

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