My dream job designer

Feuer was the former head of the music department at low-budget Republic Pictures ; Martin was a television executive.

My dream job designer

Featuring designers like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Linda Barker, and one hell of a lot of MDF, the show created a belief that anyone could be an interior designer. I did unpaid work placements and work experience before working as a freelance assistant stylist full time for about a year.

All my books are published in various languages and sold around the world. The benefit of the little projects is they are instantly rewarding, whereas by the time a big scheme completes there is a whole range of new products that you would like to introduce.

I do styling and decorating for photo shoots for magazines, books and websites.

My dream job designer

I also work for commercial clients styling adverts and PR photography. From time to time I also style and design events and press shows. The ideas stage is fantastic but never long enough. Daydreaming and doodling is over in a matter of days.

Great communication skills are essential to help articulate your ideas whilst carefully explaining how the client will benefit by positioning certain things in certain locations. Discover your style — and let others know about it!

Visit as many places as possible for inspiration and then blog about your developing style. Get experience Work placements often unpaid are the best way to gain valuable experience and contacts. Much of your work will come from recommendations so always bring your A-game to a placement.

Want to be an interior designer? Apply for the latest jobs here.You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.


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My dream job designer

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