Lindsey lohan essays

The main purpose of the two articles is to promote the celebrities lives by entertaining their audience.

Lindsey lohan essays

The title is bold and eye catching, this may suggest that they are trying to target the audience especially women that are married. They may be in the same sort of situation as Jennifer. In both articles they are selling the celebrities in a positive light.

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Furthermore she is pleasing the audience by showing off her looks and figure i. The portrait image of Lindsay has a portrait border; the importance of the picture is shown because only things like paintings are put with borders.

The image is too casual and sexy for her age, and she has no expression gazing at the readers. I believe this because she looks like she is trying to seduce the audience.

The serious expression on her face may suggest that there is an air of mystery around her.

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DEPARTMENTS Celebrity Oh be quiet, James Franco The hot actor has been going down in our estimations recently.

The way that she is faced towards the reader and the positioning of the lights depicts the good features of her face, that it seems she wants to show herself in the best ay possible making her seem more attractive.

The photograph has a soft focus when there is a soft focus the photographer wants you to focus on Lohan.

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Her make up is heavy around the eyes and her lips are open signifying a sign of seduction and sexiness. This proposes that the picture is forced and she looks desperate.

Lindsey lohan essays

It reflects that her character is wild, desperate, out going and somewhat extreme.On Sunday, Lindsay Lohan commented on a picture posted by her beach club, Lohan Beach House Rhodes, threatening to fire two members of her staff for wearing two different pairs of uncomfortable-looking heels.

Lindsay Lohan started her career at a very young age through magazine and commercials advertisements. She started her acting career at the age of ten and has spent more than a decade in the film industry and is also a popular singer. Lindsay Lohan shows her nipple in a white tank top with no bra while in rehab at the Betty Ford Center.

As you can see in the video above, Lindsay Lohan appears to be doing quite well in recovery as she has already progressed to the stage of “openness”, were she forgoes bras and offers.


Lindsey Lohan is an American actress, model and recording artist who began her career at the early age of three. Using Sigmud Freuds psychodynamic theory which evaluates early childhood experiences, internal psychological processes, unconscious motivations, defense mechanisms and ego I will analyze Lohan.

Lindsey lohan essays

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Lindsay Lohan started her career at a very young age through magazine and commercials advertisements. She started her acting career at the age of ten and has.

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