If i was born as a celebrity essay

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If i was born as a celebrity essay

Pauline Viardot Meyerbeer's grave in Berlin Letellier describes Meyerbeer's mature life as 'a tale of two cities His artistic triumph and legendary status were achieved in Paris Together with Scribe, Meyerbeer reviewed many subjects before deciding, inon Les Huguenots.

However, in Berlin Meyerbeer faced many problems, including the enmity of the jealous Gaspare Spontiniwho since had been Court Kapellmeister and director of the Berlin Hofoper. Complaints were made in the Berlin press about the delay of the Berlin premiere of Robert le diable which finally took place in Juneand Meyerbeer's music was decried by the critic and poet Ludwig Rellstab.

Moreover, reactionary censorship laws prevented production of Les Huguenots in Berlin and indeed in many other cities of Germany.

If i was born as a celebrity essay

Their ensuing relationship see below was to have major repercussions for the careers and reputations of both. At this meeting Wagner read to Meyerbeer from the libretto of Rienziand Meyerbeer agreed to look through the score, [49] which indeed he subsequently recommended for performance at Dresden.

Berlioz characterised Stoltz as 'la Directrice du Directeur'. Meyerbeer insisted on Pauline Viardot for the role. Meyerbeer lodged the score with a Parisian lawyer, and refused to countenance any production until his wishes were met.

Meyerbeer was unique in his time in having the wealth and influence to impose his will as a composer in this way. Spontini was dismissed, and the Berlin premiere of Les Huguenots was arranged 20 May On the instigation of Alexander von Humboldt, Meyerbeer was installed later in the year as Prussian Generalmusikdirektor and director of music for the Royal Court.

The creation of the new building gave a new opportunity to commission a German opera from Meyerbeer.

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As this patriotic opera 'needed' Prussian creators, Meyerbeer arranged that whilst the trusted Scribe would write the libretto, Rellstab would translate it and take the credit and the royalties. This had the added advantage of winning over the formerly hostile Rellstab.

Meyerbeer had hoped to have Jenny Lind for whom he had written the part sing the lead role of Vielka, but the opera premiered on 7 December without her although she did appear in subsequent performances.

Amongst those at the 47th performance in February was Richard Wagner, now an impoverished political exile; the success of a work so fundamentally against his own operatic principles was one of the spurs to his spiteful anti-Jewish denunciation of Meyerbeer and Mendelssohn, Das Judenthum in der Musik The death of his beloved mother in was also a blow.

If i was born as a celebrity essay

The death of Scribe in was a further disincentive to Meyerbeer to proceed with his operatic work in progress. Inin accordance with his original contract with Scribe, he paid Scribe's widow compensation for not completing Judith.

Rossini, who, not having heard the news, came to his apartment the next day intending to meet him, was shocked and fainted. He was moved to write on the spot a choral tribute Pleure, pleure, muse sublime!

Personality and beliefs[ edit ] Heine on his sickbed, Meyerbeer's immense wealth increased by the success of his operas and his continuing adherence to his Jewish religion set him apart somewhat from many of his musical contemporaries.

They also gave rise to rumours that his success was due to his bribing musical critics. Meyerbeer was, however, a deeply serious musician and a sensitive personality. He philosophically resigned himself to being a victim of his own success: Meyerbeer's personal attachment to Judaism was a mature personal decision — after the death of his maternal grandfather in he wrote to his mother: I believe that richess is like love in the theatres and novels: It has been suggested that 'Meyerbeer's choice of these topics is not accidental; they reflect his own sense of living in a potentially inimical society.

Meyerbeer, apart from any of his personal feelings, needed Heine onside as an influential personality and writer on music. He genuinely admired Heine's verse, and made a number of settings from it. Heine, living in Paris fromalways equivocal about his loyalties between Judaism and Christianity, and always short of money, asked Meyerbeer to intervene with Heine's own family for financial support and frequently took loans and money from Meyerbeer himself.

He was not above threatening Meyerbeer with blackmail by writing satirical pieces about him and indeed Meyerbeer paid Heine's widow to suppress such writings. I forgive him from my heart for his ingratitude and many wickednesses against me. In the words of John H.

But he had very limited skill in thematic development and even less in contrapuntal combination. Amongst other notable features of the opera were its lavish orchestral forces extending to two onstage military bands in the final act.

The grandiosity of the work reflected the need to make an impact on the sophisticated and technologically advanced stages of London and Paris, for which it was extensively rewritten. Meyerbeer's contribution was revealed at this stage to be the combination of Italian vocal lines, German orchestration and harmony, and the use of contemporary theatrical techniques, [76] ideas which he carried forward in Robert and his later works.

At one point the arrival of a character is announced by a combination of three solo timpani and pizzicato double-basses. Wagner's idea of music drama An example of his receptiveness was the addition of the provocative "Ballet of the Nuns" in the third act of Robert le diable, at the suggestion of Duponchel.

The set for the ballet was an innovative and striking design by Duponchel and Pierre-Luc-Charles Ciceri."If I really wanted to keep my children safe I needed to do something," the actress writes after the Florida school shooting. Thomas Clarkson - Key Events.

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Thomas Clarkson - Key Events

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