Fasting feasting by anita desai

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Fasting feasting by anita desai

Summary Analysis The novel opens in the modern day with Uma, middle-aged and still unmarried, at home in India in the summer, taking orders from Mama and Papa, or MamaPapa, as she thinks of them. At first, they are instructing her with great importance about how they wish to have their afternoon tea.

This leads to them barking orders at her, very specifically, about how to do many different household chores at once. They anxiously debate with each other about how best to instruct Uma to prepare a box of care goods to send to Arun, who is attending University in America. They worry that he has a warm enough sweater, and enough tea.

Uma grows very flustered trying to meet their growing and changing demands. Her parents show no concern or even awareness for how their way of ordering Uma around is making her feel.

Mama and Papa treat Uma, their daughter, very differently than they treat Arun, their son.

Anita Desai's "Fasting, Feasting and the Condition of Women."

They put a lot of thought into their package for Arun. Meanwhile, MamaPapa expect a lot from Uma, and their way of piling demands onto her shows that they give little thought to whether or not Uma can actually meet those demands.

They expect her to have no other needs, desires, or priorities other than meeting their needs. She recalls that Mama and Papa have offered few memories of their childhoods before their young marriage.

This passage illustrates the importance of the collective family identity in rural India. Mama and Papa choose not to remember their past selves very much, because to do so may be challenging to their ideal of marriage and the family as the most important unit.

Active Themes Uma remembers the only example of Mama having a separate life from Papa as being when Uma was young and Papa was still working as an attorney, and Mama would sneak off to play cards with the women in her neighborhood. Mama would laugh loudly at the card games with the other women and would show a coy, playful side to herself.

When Papa would return from work, Mama would pretend that she had not left the house that day.

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Even Mama has a separate will and a separate self apart from Papa, but she only chooses to express it in small ways and only in the company of other women.

At the card games, the women form a little secret world of their own. And even though a little card game might seem to be a fairly innocent transgression, it is the most rebellious that Mama can allow herself to be. Uma remembers that when her father was still a magistrate and the family had to make appearances at social gatherings, he would tolerate joking with colleagues and inferiors who jabbed at him—but always in a way that was harsh, establishing his superiority and social status.

There is a gender inequality in their marriage, which reflects on the standards of their society in general: Mama is not permitted to indulge her hobbies openly, while Papa not only indulges his interests but demands that everyone else serve as audience.

Cite This Page Choose citation style: Retrieved September 17, Fasting, Feasting reveals two different ways of assuaging human hungers, desires and appetites.

It contrasts a close-knit Indian household, with the life the younger son finds when he spends the summer in Massachusetts with the Patton family and their freezer full of meat that nobody wants to eat. Full of wit and sensuality, farce and deep pathos, Anita Desai’s novel cuts.


Fasting, Feasting. By Anita Desai. Houghton Mifflin $ This two-part novel set in India and America is a delicate, moving tale of love and family. It tells the worlds-apart stories of a. Feb 17,  · Anita Desai is a wonderfully subtle writer who achieves her powerful and poignant effects by stealth rather than by direct action.

Her latest novel, "Fasting, Feasting," a . Feminism in Anita Desai’s Fasting Feasting. Varshika Srivastava (Research Scholar) University of Allahabad.

Fasting feasting by anita desai

Allahabad, India. In this paper, the basic intention is to portray feminism in the novels of Anita Desai who is one of the great IndoAnglican writers. Anita Mazumdar Desai was . 1 1 Introduction In my second subject thesis I will analyse the male characters in Fasting, Feasting (from now on: FF), a novel by the Indian writer Anita novel was originally published in and it depicts the life of an Indian upper middle-class family.

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