English mr pip practise essay

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English mr pip practise essay

Sample Test Question 3 This activity contains 3 questions.

English mr pip practise essay

Write an effective response to the third sample test question: Yee indicates that she is concerned about Mike, the visually impaired student, and the students with limited English skills.

Assume that she follows up these comments by focusing on how Mr. Morgan could have helped these students during the history review.

Propose ONE strategy Mr. Explain how each of your proposed strategies would promote learning. Base your response on principles of varied instructional strategies for different kinds of learners.

Consider the following student response, which received a score of 0. Use the information in the scoring rubric to explain why this is a poor response. Conferencing with the ESL teacher about the students and the history review is one strategy. Consider the following four student responses, and rank them in order of completeness, based on the scoring rubric.

If the kids with limited English skills could read English give them copies too. If not have them printed off in their native languages.

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For all of the students with which Ms. Yee is concerned, Mr. Morgan really needs to focus on using teaching methods other than lecture as she did during her math class.

Hands-on activities work well because they have the potential to involve all the senses in learning and can be scaffolded to assure that the activities are developmentally appropriate for all students. Morgan also realized what was going wrong during the history review yet he did nothing to adjust the lesson.

He simply kept going, ensuring these students would feel left behind. Morgan could have prepared overheads for the student with low vision or brief handouts. Or he could have another student assist in a copy for the student with low vision. Morgan could have used a program from the internet to precisely translate the review material in order to help the students with limited English.

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Instead of having him write notes, Mr. Morgan could type them in a large font. Instead, he would be focused on listening to Mr. Morgan present the information. Strategy for Students with Limited English:English - Mr.

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We are later introduced to the protagonist of the novel, a curious, “skinny, thirteen year old” named Mantilla. As all the teachers had fled the island, Mr. Watts took on the role of teaching the children, even though, all he knew was Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.

English mr pip practise essay

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