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Undergraduate Advising Undergraduate English Honors The English Honors Program is intended to offer students the opportunity for greater independence and autonomy of thought and work, primarily by challenging themselves intellectually in their courses and by pursuing a sustained, intellectually demanding research project. The program is intended to be preparation not solely for graduate study in English but for a wide range of professions and careers. In addition to the primary reward of intellectual growth, the English Honors Program offers students substantial benefits:

English honers

English honers

Required Courses This program formally consists of twelve credits of Honors work in English to be arranged in the following manner: M-level seminars and H fulfill the level distribution requirements for the major; every year, the department offers a variety of M-level seminars, two or three of which fulfill specific English major literary period requirements or the diversity requirement.

The Honors program does not require a student to take more credits than designated for the Major or Minor in English; it merely asks that twelve of those required credits be Honors courses.

Undergraduates can fulfill the requirements for Honors in conjunction with any other emphasis such as Creative Writing offered by the Department. The Honors Thesis in English All English honors students complete a significant piece of scholarship or creative writing, usually in the summer before and fall of the senior year, and submit this thesis to Schreyer Honors College in April of the senior year.

Students work closely with faculty supervisors in planning, writing, and revising their theses. Specific guidelines can be found in the link below. Recent award-winning theses include a study of Walt Whitman and the natural philosopher, Lucretius; an English translation of a Brazilian novel; a collection of short stories; and a study of technology in the writing center.

Through The College of Liberal Arts, the Paterno Fellows program allows ambitious students to earn admission into Schreyer Honors College by devoting themselves to high-level academics and to fulfilling requirements in ethics, communication, service, leadership, and global awareness.

After their first two years as aspirants, successful fellows are admitted into the Honors College. Students must have finished at least one semester at Penn State, and they must have at least four full-time semesters remaining before graduation.

Applicants must have a cumulative g. Students typically apply during the spring semester applications are available in March. Faculty members are invited to recommend freshman and sophomore students to the honors adviser, who will advise the prospective students on Gateway admissions.Williams» English» The English Major» Honors English Three Routes Toward Honors The English Department offers three routes toward honors: a creative writing thesis, a critical thesis, and a .

Bookmark my webpage: Go to CHS's website, then parents or students, then staff directory, then English, then find my name. On my webpage, find the tab that says English I Honors. Bookmark it. English 1 and English 1 Honors, 9th grade The following curriculum map is based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which are accessible on arteensevilla.com, and.

English Honors Program Newport Harbor High School’s English Department offers two tracks. The first, College-Preparatory English, is a rigorous four-year program that readies students for college English courses.

King Middle School offers an English I Honors to students in grade 8. This is a high school level course, and students who successfully complete this course will earn high school credit.

In order to be successful in this class, students should be self-directed learners who are willing to work hard. Students in 10th grade English will continue their preparation for college­level skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking as outlined in the California State Standards for English.

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