Embedded system synopsis

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Embedded system synopsis

Seeking a position in software development and testing where I can utilize my academic training, design skills and problem solving skills. Good understanding of embedded software design and development. Good knowledge of manual testing and Quality processes.

Strong background in signal processing, numerical analysis and probability theory. ARM7, Version Control, tracking: Conducted software detail design, and code and unit test review meeting. Applied design patterns in the designs, such as Message Factory pattern, Publish-Subscribe pattern, and State pattern.

Performed unit testing by using Para soft tool, provided test cases, unit test plan, and followed common coding standards.

Embedded system synopsis

Integrated and tested the control components. Provided technical guidance for peers, and provided technical comments in the peer-design reviews. Used Wire Shark tool to monitor data passing over Ethernet, and used Para soft tool to performed unit testing. Designed, implemented and tested test-driver programs for the individual control components.

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Embedded Software Engineer Designs, modifies, and develops software application components for displays, controls, and systems.

Worked on multitasking system. Team Member in development of communication protocol. Experience with board level support. Write some scripts shell scripts to support production.

Embedded system synopsis

Use subversion repository as version control system to keep the track of software development. Use Trac for software project management. Use Code warrior for software development with HC08 processor. Designed new axis boards using Hitachi 8 bit microcontroller technology and develop real-time device drivers for these Hitachi based axis boards utilizing C and Assembly languages.

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Networked the axis boards to the embedded PC system using a fault-tolerant RS Master and Slave network designed to function reliably in hostile industrial environments.

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Embedded system From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search [pic] [pic] A router, an example of an embedded system. Labelled parts include a . History and Etymology for optic. Adjective. Middle English, from Medieval Latin opticus, from Greek optikos, from opsesthai to be going to see; akin to Greek opsis appearance, ōps eye — more at eye.

collections. Recommender. The apps, books, movies, music, TV shows, and art are inspiring our some of the most creative people in business this month. Embedded system, as a subject, is an amalgamation of different domains, such as digital design, architecture, operating systems, interfaces, and algorithmic optimization techniques.

This book acquaints the students with the alternatives and intricacies of embedded system design. This chapter presents a synopsis of memory types and architecture commonly used in multicore embedded systems.

It examines the many trade-offs that can .

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