Dumb blonde stereotype essay

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Dumb blonde stereotype essay

Even if the stereotype is correct in some cases, constantly putting someone down based on your preconceived perceptions will not encourage them to succeed. An interesting stereotype which led to many jokes and funny films is the one regarding the dumb blonde.

The stereotypical perception of blond-haired women, has two aspects. On one hand, over history, blonde hair in women has been considered attractive and desirable. On the other hand, a blonde woman is often perceived as making little use of intelligence and as a woman who relied on her looks rather than on intelligence Background and typology Through medieval history, high-born women, princesses and queens were depicted as being blonde-haired.

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Blonde hair has been considered attractive for long periods of time in various European cultures, particularly when coupled with blue eyes. This perception is exploited in culture and advertising. At the same time, people tend to presume that blondes are less serious-minded and less intelligent than brunettes.

The origin of this presumption may trace back to ancient times. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leda. In Greek myths she was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

It is believed that she had no less than 31 suitors, when she was to marry. Helen of troy is depicted as her abduction superficial, interested only in by Paris leading her physical aspect and to the Trojan ignorant, War.

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Another blonde in whose comportament may root the blonde jokes is the french courtesan Rosalie Duthe satirised in a play Les curiosites de la Foire for her habit of pausing a long time before speaking, appearing not only stupid but literally dumb.

She appeared not only stupid, but dumb in the literal sense. You should be sure the person blonde when she: A redhead tells her blonde stepsister, "I slept with a Brazilian How many is a brazilian?

How do you get a blonde on the roof? Tell her drinks are on the house. It takes too long to retrain them.

Dumb blonde stereotype essay

Did you hear about the blonde with a PhD in Psychology? How do you make a blonde laugh on Saturday? Tell her a joke on Wednesday. Why did God create blondes?

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Why did God create brunettes? Neither could the blondes. German psychoanalist, film theoretician and Professor of Film Studies Annete Kuhn divides blonde stereotypes in cinema into three categories: Kuhn defined it as "a blonde who hides a fire beneath an exterior of coldness".

Kim Novak Mae Murray, an actress, dancer, film producer, and screenwriter The blonde bombshell: Kuhn defined it as "a blonde with an overt and natural sexuality and a profound manifestation of ignorance".

Another theory is that in the Middle Ages, while the lords and ladies pranced around and shaded their delicate features, common people worked outdoors in the fields and became tanned and their hair grew lighter.The British were certainly not the first to believe that they were superior to other groups.

What they introduced, which is at the core of the concept of race, is that superiority and inferiority were located in the body itself and passed on through reproduction.

Dumb blonde stereotype essay

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The “dumb blonde” stereotype is simply wrong, according to a new national study of young baby boomers. The study of 10, Americans found that white women who said their natural hair color was blonde had an average IQ score within 3 points of brunettes and those with red or black hair.

The "dumb blond" stereotype is still common in present society, making it difficult for many blond women to be considered as equals.


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