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How to be the best consumer you can be. This fall, did you find yourself pulling many bong hits but few all-nighters? Absorbing much Schlitz but little Nietzsche? Attending Arizona State University?

Buying written papers

Protect your family from the devastation of a sickly, biting, abnormal Cavalier by reading and re-reading the documents below. This information will help you locate a responsible, ethical breeder.

In A Nutshell Since no-one has much spare time these days, especially for reading and researching, both of which seem to be way at the bottom of most people's list of priorities, below is an extremely short version of the do's and do not's of purchasing a puppy.

It is written in a blunt and to the point manner out of concern for YOU, the pet buying public, and out of concern for the poor puppies that you may purchase inadvertently because you did not have the time to read and research more thoroughly. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Here comes the Lecture! With all the press and documentaries warning American families about puppy mills http: Yet puppies continue to be sold through pet stores, commercial outlets, brokers and middle-men. FYI -- there is no such thing as a responsible, ethical breeder who sells even one puppy to a middle-man or broker or pet shop for resale.

The United States is a democratic society and we all have choices in life.

buying written papers

Sometimes we choose well and sometimes we do not. These documents are here to assist you in choosing wisely. Dogs are living creatures that will hopefully be with us for over 12 years and therefore your choice of where to purchase your future family companion is extremely important, ranking right up there with the choice of your significant other or partner.

If you, the dog-buying public, purchased puppies only from breeders who are trying to do a good job of producing typical, emotionally and physically sound adult dogs, the bad breeders would stop breeding because they could not sell their produce.

You will make a wonderful dog owner. It is costly to breed and raise healthy, temperamentally sound, beautiful and sweet Cavaliers, therefore you need to know that there are no bargains. The installments come later at the veterinarian's office.

With the myriad of health problems that befalls this breed, and all breeds, you are taking a huge chance by purchasing cheap Cavaliers. If breeders who show their dogs raised them as they would in a Puppy Mill, none of them would be in any condition to show and gain Championships.

The definition of a Backyard Breeder is someone who breeds dogs only for the purpose of making money. Any registered dog will do and temperament and health are not considered.

Corners are cut whenever possible; vaccinations omitted and the dogs may receive low quality food. Any buyer with the money will do.

Show breeders raise their dogs in their backyard too - but they are a far cry from the definition above.

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If they fed a low quality food, again, their dogs would not be in any condition to be exhibited. When you start looking for a puppy you will find out how many questions a breeder will ask you - certainly not someone whose main interest is how much you will pay for the dog.

However, a reputable breeder MUST do something with their breeding dogs show the dogs, train them for performance, do therapy work, health test their breeding dogs, etc. Another version of a Backyard Breeder, and a far more dangerous group of breeders for you, the consumer and for the dogs themselves, is the "just one litter" group.

People should not be producing pups for sale without the commitment and experience to do so properly. They do not know anything about health testing, how to properly care for or socialize the pups or how to place them in proper homes or offer support to the buyer after the sale.

They are not set up to take a puppy back should there be a problem in the future. Do not believe the animal rightists or anyone else, for that matter, who state "a breeder is a breeder". The animal rightists and some of the general public who have been duped into believing their militant propaganda, wish to eliminate ALL breeding and frankly do not care that any laws they attempt to have forced through the Senate and Congress anti-breeder legislation will have the most profound impact on hobby or reputable show breeders.

If this legislation comes to pass in all the States, YOU, the family who simply wants a healthy, happy pet for the kids, will be forced to purchase this puppy from backyard breeders.

Because the dedicated breeders will quit as they cannot afford the fees and cannot risk confiscation and neutering of lines in which they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. Backyard breeders, on the other hand, will continue under the radar and just replace their low-cost dogs with more if caught and those who breed "just one litter" will increase in number as they find a ready market for the pups.

These people will be unable to take back dogs that do not work out in homes and shelter intake will increase.

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As you can see, supporting the Animal Rights extremists is not something you want to do if you ever wish to enjoy canine companionship as it is today.

Do NOT purchase a puppy from someone who has multiple breeds four or more breeds. Do NOT purchase a "designer" breed. If you want a non-shedding dog, then buy a puppy from a pure breed that does not shed.

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Do NOT purchase from breeders who offer a "guarantee" where you must return your puppy in order for the breeder to provide another one.The Pentagon Papers: The Secret History of the Vietnam War [Neil Sheehan, Hedrick Smith, E.

W. Kenworthy, Fox Butterfield, James L. Greenfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The WikiLeaks of its day” (Time) is as relevant as ever to present-day American politics. “The most significant leaks of classified material in American history.”.

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Finding a Puppy Eight IS Enough! The selection of a reputable breeder from whom to purchase your puppy is the most important step you can take in ensuring that you have the BEST chance of purchasing a healthy, temperamentally sound puppy who will stay that way during his/her long life.

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