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501 use and development systems that

Objectives[ edit ] AS was the Saturn V's first flight. At the time, it was the largest launch vehicle to ever attempt a flight. It would also be the first time that the S-IVB third stage would be restarted in Earth orbit, and the first time that the Apollo spacecraft would reenter 501 use and development systems that Earth's atmosphere at the speed of a lunar return trajectory.

The payload was a CSM, serial number Vehicle assembly[ edit ] Apollo 4 on the launch pad, November 8, The launch of AS was originally planned for latebut was pushed back by stage development problems to April Small enough to be transported by a specially built plane, the " Pregnant Guppy " built by Aero Spacelines, Inc.

The other stages were much larger and had to travel by barge along the Banana River. NASA had been experiencing problems with North American's schedule, cost, and quality performance on both programs, severe enough that Apollo program director Samuel C.

Phillips sent a team to North American in California in November and December to investigate matters, and recommend solutions to the program management problems. He published his findings in a report to his supervisorGeorge Mueller. In the meantime, vehicle assembly continued, using a huge spool-shaped spacer in its place, in order to gain more experience in the third-stage stack procedure.

The S-II did not arrive until January 21,six days before the fatal Apollo 1 spacecraft fire which killed the first Apollo crew.

Upon inspection, cracks were found in the liquid hydrogen tank. These were repaired, the third stage and spacer were removed, and assembly continued with the S-II on February It had already passed a quality-control inspection, but after the fire that destroyed its sister CMit was subjected to an intensive inspection that found a total of 1, errors in the spacecraft.

NASA managers came to see the problems for themselves. On August 26, the complete launch vehicle finally rolled out of the Vertical Assembly Building [13] VAB - more than eight months after the originally scheduled launch date.

Mission numbering scheme[ edit ] AS was the first mission to fly under the official Apollo mission numbering scheme approved by Mueller on April 24, These pushed the launch into November, but provided valuable lessons learned on the new vehicle.

In total there were 89 trailer-truck loads of LOX liquid oxygen28 trailer loads of LH2 liquid hydrogenand 27 rail cars of RP-1 refined kerosene.

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This time the problems encountered were few and minor. Eight seconds before liftoff, the five F-1 engines ignited, sending tremendous amounts of noise across Kennedy Space Center. To protect from a possible explosion see belowthe launch pads at LC were located more than three miles from the Vertical Assembly Building; still, the sound pressure was much stronger than expected and buffeted the VAB, Launch Control Center and press buildings.

Cronkite and producer Jeff Gralnick put their hands on the observation window in an effort to stop its powerful vibrations. His on-air description was delivered without his usual poise and reserve as he yelled above the launch noise into his microphone.

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Oh it's terrific, the building's shaking! This big blast window is shaking! We're holding it with our hands! Look at that rocket go into the clouds at feet! Several NASA studies had been conducted to assess this scenario by studying previous such accidents notably the March Atlas-Centaur disasterbut in all such cases, they involved launch vehicles less than half the size and fuel load of the Saturn V.

Such an event would be a catastrophe beyond all proportions the Soviet N-1 disaster of however provides a glimpse of what it might have looked like. Fortunately for all concerned, the largest rocket ever built lifted from LCA and performed perfectly through all stages of the flight. Its descent was visible from the deck of the USS Benningtonthe prime recovery ship.

Event times from launch to orbit.The Clinton Foundation convenes businesses, governments, NGOs, and individuals to improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity for women and girls, reduce childhood obesity, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of climate change.

501 use and development systems that

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Objectives. AS was the Saturn V's first flight. At the time, it was the largest launch vehicle to ever attempt a flight. This mission was NASA's first to use "all-up" testing, a decision that goes back to late George Mueller, the head of the NASA Office of Manned Space Flight at that time, was a systems engineer who previously worked on military missile projects, recognized all-up.

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